PHILoSOFIE creates compelling cross-platform 3D graphics.

We offer a wide range of products and the expertise needed to choose the most optimal channel and format for the information you need to communicate.

Our interactive solutions span from serious gaming to mobile AR games. Behind the scenes, we provide solid technical solutions, including cloud based data handling and statistics.

3D Visualization

We have extensive experience visualizing buildings and architecture, as well as product visualization and graphic illustration, both as still images and film/animation. Core to our productions is focus on high quality and engaging storytelling.

360° Panorama

Visualizing spaces and environment gets an extra boost with our 360° panoramas, suitable for both social media as well as virtual reality experiences.

Not sure if you need traditional still image visualizations or 360° content? We provide smart and cost efficient bundles, making your choice easier!

Realtime Experience

A realtime experience (aka. serious gaming) lets the users interact with the models and choose their own point of view. Gameplay techniques are implemented to bring forth the story of the experience, be it practical information or just a feeling of presence.

In cooperation with Nordic Office of Architecture, we developed a realtime demo for Copenhagen Airport. Simple gameplay helps motivate the user to explore the scene.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) opens a portal to a digital, interactive world, available through your own smart phone or tablet. Where VR transports us to another dimension, AR lets ut bring the experience into our own world.

Are you wondering how AR may benefit your business? We're with you all the way from idea to final product!

Our Donald AR app, developed in cooperation with Screen Media AS for Egmont Kids Media Nordic, has received top reviews in both App Store and Google Play. The app works with the Norwegian Donald Duck & Co. magazine, giving it an extended, digital experience.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is the most effective tool for communication of space and scale. VR experiences come in different levels, from simpler mobile solutions to live action integrated video content and more interactive stationary solutions. We bring you from idea to finished product and provide the expertise and know-how to find the optimal VR solution for your needs.

For the 2017 Cutting Edge festival in Oslo, we showcased our Selfie Time! VR demo, letting people take a mixed reality selfie of themselves in our interactive VR apartment, which in turn automatically was printed and given to the user at the end of their VR session.


The natural arena for visualizations and experiences in all formats is the showroom. We plan, develop and deliver complete showroom solutions with panoramic projector setups, digital models, VR stations and more.

For building and architectural visualization, this is an invaluable tool for the agent and a perfect expansion for an existing meeting space or the traditional sales office.


Sofie Bergqvist

Creative Director & 3D Artist
+47 97 88 03 48

Philip Stevju Meidell

Technical Director & 3D Artist
+47 92 21 21 25